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Irrigation Services

Offering all irrigation services for both Residential & Commercial properties.


From planning to installation, we have you covered! We use only the highest quality of items to make sure your new system lasts for years to come! 


Our technicians will be on the site within hours to repair any defect in a timely manner. 

Spring/Winter Maintenance

During the start up of your system we make sure we complete the following:

  • Proper adjustments to eliminate water runoff 

  • Make sure each unit is free from turf, we cut around each head to keep it from getting damaged. 

  • We set the timer to make sure it is watering effectively. It is better to water lawns deeper a few days than lightly every day.

During shutdown:

  • We make sure all the lines are free of any moisture

  • We also make the back flow preventer is set properly to keep from freezing which can lead to costly repairs. 

Lighthouse Lawn Care Irrigation Services
Lighthouse Lawn Care Irrigation Services
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